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Create Security and Wealth as an expat in Germany

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Steven Huish - Financial Advisor
"A financial advisor is worth their weight in gold if you want to better manage your money, invest for your future, and give your family security."
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About Granite Financial

Granite Financial Solutions began serving Expats in Germany back in 2021 after Steven Huish moved to Germany with his family. Having worked in finance since 2012, Steven brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm, but was fuelled by a passion to help fellow expats navigate the complexities and nuances of the German Financial landscape.

Since those early days, the team has grown and gone from strength to strength, serving a client base that can truly call every corner of the world their home.

So whether you're looking to get advice in English, from a fellow country-mate, or just have an open chat with advisors who understand the expat experience, we're the financial advisors for you!

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"We understand you, because we are you" 

- Steven Huish

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For any inquiries please schedule a meeting using the form below. Alternatively you can call, email, or fill in the contact form.

Patrick, Bonn

Steven helped my wife and I understand where we stood with our finances, and made a range of suggestions that could help us make the most of our current financial situation, and start saving towards some future goals. He was always ready and willing to answer any questions, of which we had quite a few, and adapted his recommendations to our wishes. We are confident Steven will continue to provide good support and advice going forward
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