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Government Subsidies

This isn't just about EU farmers. The German Government provides over 400 subsidies, like Kindergeld, and the average resident can make use of around 6-8. Are you making full use of what you're entitled to?


One motivation for the Government to provide subsidies  to residents is to incentivise them to take care of their future. In this way, the State won't have to worry as much about meeting financial gaps in the future. There are therefore some key areas where the Government provides support:

Pension Contributions

By building your own pension nest-egg, you ensure that you'll be less reliant on Government support in your retirement period. Therefore, there are various subsidies and tax benefits that come along with it. You can receive up to 47%* of your pension contributions back on certain pensions and there are generous tax reductions on withdrawal on Private Pension schemes.

Real Estate Savings

Another key concern is housing. If residents can ensure that they own their property upon retirement, they will likely not be paying any rent or mortgage at this point and will therefore be less reliant on Government support. Therefore, subsidies are available when saving to purchase, refinance or renovate a residential property.

Wealth Creation

Even if you're not saving and investing for the specific purpose of a pension or real estate, it may be possible to access subsidies to support your wealth creation. Particularly for those just starting their career when surplus income may be limited, this can help start your wealth creation journey in the best way possible and give your wealth plenty of time to develop over the years.

This is of course just an overview of some of the ways the Government supports residents to build their wealth and secure their future. To find out more and discover what support you could be eligible for, get in touch and we can help you calculate your eligibility.

* The percentage of the rebate is directly related to the amount of tax paid by the contract holder. Therefore higher rate tax payers will be entitled to a higher rebate than those paying less tax. Rebates are also subject to eligibility criteria and contribution caps.

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