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Meet the Team

Our team at Granite Financial is here to help you in your financial journey in Germany as an expat. If you live in Germany (or within the EU & are looking to invest in the German market) and need help accomplishing your financial goals or navigating the German financial landscape, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Let's make things happen!


Steven Huish
Senior Financial Advisor

As an expat himself he knows what it is like to move countries and start fresh. He is here to help guide you in your financial journey as an expat in Germany. 


Ebenezer Asare
Financial Advisor

Ebenezer is dynamic and a performance-driven economist. He is here with one mission: to help you navigate the intricacies of the German market.

IMG_6948 (2)_edited.png

Lakshmi Narayanan Muthu
Assistant Advisor

With years of experience in the financial market he is here to advise you on your best next steps while keeping in mind to your own unique needs and challenges.

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