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Lakshmi Narayanan Muthu

Assistant Advisor

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In 2011, I embarked on my journey to Germany with the aim of pursuing my Masters. Since then, I've not only established my life here but also delved into the complexities of living and working as an expat. Like many of you, I understand the challenges that come with managing finances in a foreign land. 


In this regard, I embraced the opportunity to become a financial advisor by partnering with Granite Financial and Deutsche Vermögensberatung, Germany's premier financial consultation provider. This partnership allows me to extend a helping hand to make the financial aspect of expat life in Germany smoother for you.

I specialise in providing tailored financial consultation services designed to meet your own unique needs and challenges. Whether you're just starting your expat journey or looking to optimise your existing financial strategies, I am here to provide clear insights and actionable recommendations to protect and grow your wealth.

Let's work together to build a strong financial foundation that leads you on the path to financial prosperity in Germany. Your financial success as an expat is our priority!

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